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Vision 5L Holter Recorder

Availability: Out of stock

Availability: Out of stock

Burdick Vision 5L and Burdick 5LR Digital Holter Recorder


The Burdick Vision™ 5L and Burdick 5LR Digital Holter Recorders provide high-quality 5- or 7-lead, 3-channel Holter recordings with a signal preview screen. Fast data transfer using a compact flash card frees the recorder for immediate assignment to the next patient.


Visual verification of ECG tracing

• Visually confirm good ECG signals before sending the patient home. You’ll get results the first time.

• Reduces the number of re-tests and eliminates the need for test jacks.

• Provides rhythm confirmation.



• Real-time ECG display. LCD displays real time ECG hook-up eliminating the need for test jacks and repeat tests.

• Ease of use. Easy-to-use five-button keypad to enter patient and test parameters.

• Convenience. The removable compact flash card lets you send out the recorder right away, without having to wait to download previous patient results.

• Speed. Fast data transfer to Burdick Vision or Burdick Vision Premier software for quick turnaround.

• Versatility. Integrated pacemaker detection lets you use the recorder even on patients with pacemakers.

• Accuracy. An ECG sampling rate of up to 1,000 samples per second (5LR only) captures even the smallest changes.