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Availability: Out of stock

PHILIPS Panorama 1.0T HFO MRI Scanner


Philips Panorama 1.0T  MRI machine is an open MR imaging system with a unique 360-degree panoramic viewing angle and 160 cm-wide patient aperture.

The open design is for increased patient comfort, particularly for those with claustrophobic issues.


Magnet Type: Open Configuration, actively shielded, Superconducting Magnet Installed Options:

• Scantools plus R2

• Scantool Extension Plus • Neuro Plus

• Body Plus

• Breast Plus

• Ortho Plus

• Cardiac Plus

• Angio Plus

• Onco Plus

• Pediatric Plus

Total 10 Coils Included:

• ST Neck Coil

• ST Body/Spine Coil

• ST Body/Spine XL Coil

• ST Extremity M Coil

• ST Multi-Purpose S Coil

• ST Multi-Purpose M Coil

• ST Multi-Purpose L Coil

• ST Sense Wrist Coil

• Sense Breast Coil

• ST Knee Coil