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Cytori StemSource 900/mb

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Availability: In stock

Regenerative medicine


Cytori Stemsource 900/MB Tissue Processor


Celution System dedicated for use in cell storage In the field of cosmetic surgery, Seishin Regenerative Medicine is the first in the world to introduce the Celution System, which allows the extraction of stem cells from adipose tissue, and has been using it for breast augmentation and anti-aging therapy.

To start the stem cell banking service, we introduced the Celution® 900/MB System dedicated for use in cell storage. The Celution System was developed by Cytori Therapeutics, which was founded by Dr. Mark Hedrick who discovered adipose tissue-derived stem cells.

The system automates the cleaning of adipose tissue and cell separation and extracts a consistent quality and volume of stem cells in a short time.