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Piccolo Xpress Chemistry Analyzer

Availability: Out of stock

Availability: Out of stock

The Piccolo Xpress is the only portable diagnostic device to offer a full complement of CLIA Waived<


Piccolo Xpress chemistry analyzer offer  31 blood chemistry tests that range from liver,

kidney and metabolic functions to lipids, electrolytes and other specialty analytes. 

These 31 tests are conveniently configured into 16 completely self-contained reagent discs, 11 of which are CLIA waived. 


-      Fully automated system requires no special operating skills

-      Self calibrates with every test run - no manual data entry

-      Results are printed on a self-adhesive hard copy or via electronic transfer

-      Large memory capacity stores up to 5000 patient records

-      Externally accessible bi-directional USB data transfer technology

-      Centrifugal action mixes the reagents and sample in a disposable self-contained disc  reducing procedural errors

-      iQC™ system performs continuous quality control checks on every run, eliminating

       daily control testing requirements

-      Every self-contained reagent disc is barcoded for automatic self-calibration