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GeneXpert XVI

Availability: Out of stock

Availability: Out of stock

Fully integrated and automated on-demand molecular diagnostic system


GeneXpert System

Improving patient outcomes is the primary goal of any diagnostic system, but our GeneXpert® family of systems have set a new standard in workflow flexibility, 24/7 testing accuracy, and user-friendly design — delivered in an astonishingly beautiful and compact package.


But we’ve done more than just repackage a good thing. We’ve improved on the fit, form, and function of the most popular molecular diagnostic platform on the market.


GeneXpert System technology is the cornerstone of our unique approach to a molecular diagnostics product suite, which allows us to offer a complete menu of tests on a single, fully scalable, consolidated workstation.


The GeneXpert System is available in a one, two, four, or 16-module configuration. All have our proven GeneXpert module at their analytic heart, and use the same patented cartridge technology for every Xpert® test.