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Toshiba Aquilion 16 Slice CT

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Availability: Out of stock

Toshiba Aquilion 16 Slice CT Scanner



 The AquilionTM 16-slice system is a multislice Helical CT system that supports whole-body scanning.   The Aquilion 16-slice system generates fast helical scanning of the whole body through the high performance MegaCoolTM X-ray tube and advanced Quantum detector.  To maximize workflow, the Aquilion 16-slice system comes standard with a scan and display console, and optimized scan  protocols.



Utilizing all of the Quantum detector's 32 mm of volume coverage in combination with 0.5-s scanning allows up to 96 mm of coverage every second. Run-off exams up to 768 mm can be acquired in 10 seconds with 2 mm slice.

The long scanning range of 1,800 mm and the high scanning speed together facilitate whole-body trauma examinations.

The system achieves a low-contrast detectability of 2 mm at 0.3% and a high-contrast resolution of 0.35 mm in the x, y, and z directions.  Routine multislice helical CT examinations can be performed using thin slices, enabling high-precision 3D and MPR images to be generated from the fine isotropic voxel data.

This system employs the TCOT (true cone-beam technology) helical reconstruction technique, which uses the Feldkamp method to precisely compensate for the cone angle, to minimize artifacts related to the cone angle and provide accuracy over the entire field of view.

TCOT cone-beam reconstruction, which uses the Feldkamp method to precisely compensate for the angulation of the beam, enables helical scanning with the gantry tilted in the range from 30° forward to 30° backward.  Angled helical acquisition is useful for many applications, including obtaining the correct scan plan for routine brain scans. This ability makes it easy to avoid X-ray exposure to the patient's orbit.

Conventional CT fluoroscopy shows only a single slice, but SUREFluoro (multislice CT fluoroscopy) permits real-time image reconstruction to display 3 images obtained by combining data from the Quantum detector. SUREFluoro significantly improves operability in biopsy and interventional procedures.

0.4-s scanning option allows faster acquisition and reduced motion artifact. For cardiac examination, up to 40 images per second are acquired and scanning can be completed within 25 seconds with a temporal resolution down to 40 ms.

Scan and display consoles maximize workflow. Both consoles can be operated independently enabling parallel processing, which significantly improves the efficiency of image processing and diagnosis.  In addition, the high cooling rate of the 7.5-MHU tube, which reduces the cooling time required between scans, and the high scanning speed, which reduces the exposure time, both increase the patient throughput significantly.